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Meet Four of our Top Irish Eco-Warriors

The Rainbow Warrior World Newsletter is called A Question of Truth. The core idea

of the Newsletter has blossomed from the concepts within my children's book

The Rainbow Warrior which hopes to enrich and protect our beautiful planet.

As a professional graphic designer, I am promoting Ethical Design Thinking to help support and reshape a more consciously aware sustainable business community.

A community that puts people's protection, health, environment, local, and international markets at the forefront of our minds. Each month A Question of Truth features individuals and companies who have risen to meet these new challenges by enriching communities and supporting environments.

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of speaking to four stellar Irish companies hand picked to fit with this vision; Millbee Studio, Palm Free Irish Soap, Atlantic Aromatics and most recently The Burren Perfumery.

I hope to raise awareness of buying locally and sustainably by creating a space

for these innovative enterprises to tell their unique stories. Also by personally

Trying & Testing their wonderful products I give viewers an opportunity to build a closer connection to the founders. Adding the local village shop feeling to online purchasing by building familiarity, trust, and connection to the people behind the products.

Please enjoy watching and subscribe to the newsletter at to receive future issue's and spotlight conversations in your emailbox.

Many thanks for your time.

Warm Regards


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