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A Storehouse

My weekly reading from 'Declare a Republic, A Free State of Mind'.

A Storehouse

Through picture-frame

I peer inward,

Back, back, down

those memory lanes,

Hedgerows brimming,

Life on each side,

Stay close to its edges.

Time arises from within,

Imbued with sunlight’s laughter,

Alive still in twinkled eye,

and Floodlit smile on joyful wrinkled faces.

Filling hearts, opening golden spaces,

Arms outstretched,

Airplanes, fighter jets,

Soaring eagles into nests,

Sticks raised high,


Piercing heavens,

Waking warriors,

Cú Chulainn!

Archetypes resurrected, Manifested mythology

races through back doors, side passages, over gates under washing lines,

One with ebb and flow,

To high ground,

Each Quest imagined,

Forming muscle, molding, shaping,

Creating a storehouse,


From what a lifetime

would be nourished.

by Caroline Murphy-Bennis.

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