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Ethical Design Thinking

Design by definition:

“Design is the human power of conceiving, planning, and bringing to reality all of the products that serve human beings in the accomplishment of their individual and collective purposes.”

As we slowly and tentatively begin to re-emerge from this Global Pandemic into a newly shaped reality. There will be many new challenges facing us but underneath these challenges lie huge new possibilities for growth and innovation. With the right mind-set, we can see new opportunities to serve our communities both locally and globally. We have never been more connected virtually and never more aware of the extent of our global reach even as a small Nation. If we can stand still for a moment before forgoing back down familiar paths. Can we be more conscious of this new world we are walking into? How can our businesses adapt and use 'Ethical Design Thinking' to help support and shape a more consciously aware sustainable business community that puts people's protection, health, the environment, local and international markets in for the front of our minds? Maturing into a Nation more centrally focuses on the enrichment of its citizens and the protection of its environment. By becoming more self-sufficient while having a strong Global presence will build resilience going forward for the collective good and will serve to protect us in the future.

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