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The Mother

A cake is baked by the Mother for her children. It appears firstly in her heart with the overwhelming intention to bring joy and happiness to the little ones and to see their smiling faces. She carefully chooses the recipe that suits them best, patiently she collects the ingredients, measuring the exact amount of each, combining all the ingredients with great care and attention. She offers a taste of the mixing spoon to their excited eager faces. The mixture after been poured within the chosen molds is placed into the intense heat of the oven. The children watch in awe as they witness the transformation of the mixture, rising from the solitary confinement of the oven. At the precise time, the Mother announces the cake can be now removed. It is taken from the heat of the oven to set and cool by the open window.

When it has reached room temperature it can be decorated. The candles are placed in a circle and are lit one by one. Finally, the cake has it’s unique identity and illuminated, is slowly presented in darkness to meet the impatient innocence of the little children. Applause and laughter come spilling from the party, as the children enjoy sharing the cake among everyone equally; brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, friends, and foes, both young and old. Everyone is happy and fulfilled especially the Mother, who stands above all, smiling with contentment, for her intention is now realized and can be celebrated through the life and love she has given.

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