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Welcome to Flourishbydesign

Welcome to Flourishbydesign a new Conscious Brand Design Agency. Consciously redesigning our lives and businesses in harmony with nature. Inspired by my children's book 'The Rainbow Warrior'.

Offering a 3 step approach:

Retreat. with support from our Wellbeing network of Health & Wellbeing professionals.

Rethink. with the aid of our Ethical Design Thinking Academy online courses.

Redesign. with conscious brand consulting and inspirational conversations from our Awarding Winning Eco-Innovators.

To be considered as a Flourishbydesign Eco-Innovators Ambassador or Flourishbydesign Wellbeing Ambassador please contact me on 085 1523535.

Website launching soon in the mean time you are welcome to follow Flourishbydesign below:

Caroline Murphy-Bennis


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