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What is poetry? Why is it so important?

Poetry transcends religion, race, education, class, sex, poverty, and even the intellect. Great poetry is Universal, is never written but heard. It is an expression of the human experience searching for a deeper meaning, offering an opening back to the vast open space where we are all so lovely held within. In troubled times find Sólás not in intellectual debates of narrow blinkered minds but in the soul, the tellers of truth throughout time; the poets. Ireland's people understand this very well, possessing innate intelligence of the Heart. Ireland, ravished by many invaders coming to her shores, she has held her poise and dignity, she tirelessly works through her people, is joyful and sings through her musicians & artists, and feels deeply through her poets. Now she is calling us back to her bosom, to come close to her and her endless beauty.


by Caroline Murphy-Bennis

Photo by Denise Boland.

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